Download Spotify Premium Free for Android in 2021

Are you looking for a way to download Spotify Premium free forever on your Android phone? You are in the right place. On this site you will have the latest premium version of Spotify without paying anything.

Thanks to the free Spotify Premium APK that we will make available to you which is a Cracked version of Spotify (Spotify Premium Crack APK) or a modified version of Spotify (Spotify Premium MOD APK), you will have:

  • Free Spotify Premium Personal version
  • Free Spotify Premium Duo version (For couples)
  • Free Spotify Premium Family version
  • Free Spotify Premium Student version

You will know which Spotify plan is best for you but more concretely, with the apk that you are going to download in this article, you will not need to know all of this.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service used by millions of people. For the record, Spotify is a platform developed in 2006 by Spotify AB, a company based in Stockholm and founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. Spotify was launched for access to the general public on October 7, 2008 and since that time its growth curve has continued to rise, notably through its launch in other countries.

Spotify is available on mobile, computer (Windows and MacOS), tablet (Android, IOS), Browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, …), PlayStation (3, 4, 5), Xbox (One, Serie X, Serie S) . Maybe that’s what makes Spotify so popular.

Spotify provides you with millions of tracks from all your favorite artists, with playlists tailored to your situation. Thus, you will be suggested playlists for an evening, for a moment of sport, for a moment of relaxation, a playlist of celebrities of the moment, … You can even share playlists with your friends.

Features of Spotify Premium Free?

It is possible to have Spotify for free on Android, this happens when you register for the first time on the platform. And so, you have a free month when you use Spotify for the first time, to continue using the service after this time you will be asked to pay an amount depending on the version you want to take.

This one month free after registration option is only available on Android. On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch in short on the entire IOS ecosystem, this option is not available because of taxes of up to 30% imposed by the Apple firm on certain companies.

The advantages of Spotify Premium crack

This point will answer the question: is Spotify free? You will understand, the Premium version of Spotify cracked removes all the limits present on the free version of the application, notably:

1. Unlock access

You will have access to over 50 million songs with Spotify Premuim crack, which will let you listen to all the music you want to listen to. With the free version you also have this possibility but some songs and playlists will be locked and therefore when you are in free mode and you play a song from an artist’s playlist or a custom playlist, it is not possible to select the next track according to your preferences, this list will be played at random. To do everything as you want, you will be asked to upgrade to the Premium version.

2. No advertising

We all know how annoying ads can be in a music streaming app. A simple example, you are among friends and it is you who make the DJ on a small bluetooth audio speaker and there since you use free Spotify, an advertisement arrives while people are on the dance floor and there the music is play chopped off. To the one that it never happened, we do not wish him. Then you understand the benefits of using Spotify without ads.

3. Offline mode available

With Spotify Premium free you can download your songs, albums, playlists to listen to them later without internet connection. With this feature, Spotify even becomes your primary player on your smartphone or computer. Spotify allows you to download 3,333 songs on three different devices and on one account.

4. Option to travel abroad without any limit

If you have already used Spotify then you know that if you live for example in the United States when you created your account, you will only be able to use Spotify in the United States. If you are traveling to another country, Spotify will fix it and you will have just 14 days to use Spotify in that country. And so with the Premium version of Spotify, all borders are lifted.

5. Superior sound quality

Three sound qualities are available on the Spotify application, the quality: Normal, High and Extreme. If you are using the Premium version of Spotify, then you will have access to the extreme sound quality of Spotify. This quality plays soundtracks at a bit rate of 320 kbps. If this sound quality is accessible then you will also need to have good headphones or speakers that can support such sound quality.

6. Conservation of phone storage space

When we are not using Online Streaming music applications, we are forced to copy songs manually to our phone by downloading them, which means that the space on our phones is increasingly reduced. With apps like Spotify or Deezer, we can keep a good part of our storage space because all the songs are kept on the app. In addition, these songs downloaded from Spotify are also accessible on other devices.

A table sums up everything that has just been said here:

Features Spotify Free Spotify Premium Free
More than 50 million titles Yes Yes
Podcast and Audiobooks Yes Yes
Listen to any track on mobile No Yes
No advertising interruption No Yes
Access to the account for more than 14 days abroad No Yes
Offline use No Yes
Improved quality of music No Yes

Download and Install Apk Spotify Premium crack on Android


Our free Spotify Premium download and installation guide is very simple and easy to perform, just follow the steps:

Information about the file to download

Application nameSpotify Premium Free APK
Version8.5 (Last version)

If you have already downloaded the free Spotify Premium apk that we give you, then we can move on to following our guide which is installation.

How to Install Free Spotify Premium on Android

If you don’t want any errors after installation, follow our full guide.

Step 1: Already done! Spotify Premium Mod apk download. If you already have the official app, uninstall it and consider the one we give you.

Step 2: Install the app making sure to enable the unknown source option in your phone settings. This option allows applications that are not from Google Play Store to be installed on your phone. To activate this option, your smartphone will lead you where to do it during the installation.

Step 3: Once you have completed the installation, you will be asked to login or register.

Warning!!! Do not use this application to register, otherwise it will not work and besides you will notice that the application will bug if you want to register through it.

And so, go to the official Spotify website and create your account there. Remember, if you are in a country where Spotify is not yet available, use a VPN or ask someone living in France, the United States, … to create your account in where it is authorized to use Spotify.For more details, read the section that talks about it below

Step 4: Log in and you’re good to go, you can now use Spotify Premium for free.

Is this free Spotify Premium APK legal?

As you can imagine, this application is not legal but it will also be better if the firm Spotify AB closes these loopholes which make that there are modified versions of their application. I don’t think it would be complicated for them, so I’ve always thought Spotify is leaving those back doors on purpose. Why? I do not know.

Is the application secure?

With this app you have nothing to worry about. It does not contain viruses or other malicious features. It’s just a way that some people have found to give us all the opportunity to use the premium version of Spotify for free.

How do I use Spotify when I live in a country where it is not available?

A question that was asked to us by a subscriber of this site. If you live in a country where Spotify is not yet available then do the following:

Step 1: First of all, you should know that you need to create your Spotify Premium account in a country where Spotify is available, for this, download a VPN on your computer if it is your computer that you are going to use to create your account or download it on your Android phone. There are a lot of free VPNs on the Play Store.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded a VPN and created an account for example in the United States, Download the apk that we have made available to you in this article, install it and log in with your account that you just created while leaving your VPN on in the same country in which you created your account (This is very important).

Warning: But if while using a VPN you used a computer to create your account, also use a VPN with the same country to connect on your phone.

Once you are done, you will no longer need a VPN to continue using Spotify Premium because as you have read, Premium users have the right to use the app abroad without restriction.

Fixed some issues you may encounter

If we do not follow the guide that is given in this article well, we may come across some problems. These problems, we will see how to solve them in this section.

Fix the problem: “Connection error: An error occurred while connecting to this application. Please try again later.”

This error often occurs when you want to connect with your Facebook account to the Spotify, to resolve it, just do not use an account created with the services of Facebook. In a nutshell, if you encounter this problem, create another account that does not use Facebook brains this time around while following the guide given above and the problem will be fixed.

Registration problem after installing the application

If you’ve read this guide correctly, then you know that it’s uncomfortable to sign up for Spotify using the modified app we are giving you in this article. Go back a little higher and read the part on how to install Spotify Premium.


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