Deezer Premium Free For Android 2021

We all like to listen good music. Today with the progress of technology, all music new and old are within our reach thanks to certain platforms designed and implemented to facilitate us. We are going to introduce you to one of the most famous and best of that platforms, so in this post you are going to download Deezer Premium free for Android.

Want to download the Deezer app apk in its Premium version for free? You have come to the right place for this. Deezer Premium music streaming application apk is the most used in France compared to Spotify , why? Let’s talk about this a bit.

What is Deezer?

Similar to Spotify , apple music, or even Napster, Deezer is a French music streaming application designed in 2007. It is available on Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS. At the beginning, Deezer’s services were free but two years later (i.e. in 2009), Deezer made a leap forward by offering its users a paid subscription offering many more advantages than the free version which therefore contained ads.

Deezer is today one of the best music streaming applications thanks to the millions of titles on the platform.

Free Deezer Premium Features

Compared to the free version, Deezer Premium has several features that we are now listing for you:

Access to all titles

Also available on the free version, this feature gives you the possibility of having access to more than 73 million titles. You will find in these 73 million songs a multiplicity of titles of different languages as well as different genres. So you will have access to a lot of French, English, Nigerian, Spanish music, …

No advertising

The best flaw of the free version of Deezer is the presence of the ads which land all the time, cutting you off the music when you listen to it. To avoid this, you must upgrade to the paid version which is the Premium and Family version.

As you will have understood, the Premium version of Deezer offers you unlimited access to the content of the application and spares you incessant advertising.

Possibility of unlimited zapping

With the free version you don’t have the possibility to set up your own palylist with which you can do next or preceding as you want, instead you just have the option of shuffling, i.e. the application forces you a playlist that reads randomly without giving you the possibility to zap at your leisure.

So, with the free premium Deezer apk that we put at your disposal, all the functionalities will be unlocked giving you the possibility of unlimited zapping.

Offline mode

The biggest feature I prefer. This option is really interesting because it allows you to save songs that you can listen to after even without an internet connection. This option gives you access to download an entire playlist with just one click.

Six other accounts for one price

This feature is present just for Deezer Family, a version that you can use as a family (Family version).

Summary table

CharacteristicsFree DeezerDeezer Premium
Access to all titlesYesYes
No adsNoYes
Zap unlimitedNoYes
Offline modeNoYes

Download Deezer Premium Free APK MOD or Crack for Android

It’s time to introduce you to what you are looking for in this article. Click on the link below to download the apk of the premium version of Deezer.


Do not limit yourself by that, there is still one step which is the installation step, it is the most complicated part. You can download this application but it will be of no use to you if you do not know how to install it and how to log in to access Deezer’s content.

Here is how to install Deezer Premium free MOD apk on Android

The guide is simple and clear, just follow the steps and pay attention to our remarks.

Step 1: The first step, you just finished it by downloading the application.

Step 2: Once your download is complete, install the application by allowing applications from “Unknown sources” in your settings. If you don’t know how, the application itself will take you there during installation.

Step 3: Login with a Deezer account. This step is the most crucial, because it is where people very often find trouble.

If you already have a Deezer account, just enter the information (Your email address and password to log in) but if you do not yet have an account, follow carefully:

Do not create an account using the create an account button in this application, or even the “connect with Facebook, …” buttons.

Instead, open your browser, access the official Deezer website and register there, then come back to the application and connect to the account you have just created through the browser and voila

Step 4: You are done, freely use your Deezer Premium for free without fear.

Best choice between Deezer and Spotify

It is true that many still prefer Spotify to Deezer, on this point I will not favor one or another application. The truth is that on the price side, Deezer would allow you to save money because it is cheaper than Spotify but according to testimonies, Spotify would have the best sound quality compared to Deezer, also considering the number of titles that Spotify and Deezer give (73 million of titles for Deezer and 53 million titles for Spotify), we rather intend to choose Deezer but as I said, I will not give my opinion, it is up to you to make your choice.

Fix connection problems in the Deezer app

Connection problems can occur when you want to connect with an email address when you have not yet used it to create an account or, in many modified applications, it will ask you to follow our guide to the letter. to login, otherwise you will think this article is not giving you the right app.

How to download MP3 music on Deezer without paying anything?

This option is only available to those who have already subscribed to the premium version of Deezer. On your computer or MacOS, go to the Deezer application and you will see the download button present next to each title.

How to use Deezer without an internet connection (offline)?

It’s simple, press my music (the tab at the bottom of your screen) then press parameter to finally click on the option “Offline mode”.

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